CNS Infections

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CNS Infection Research

Neurology Department Ibn-e-Siena Hospital and Research Institute Multan


Presenting Complaints
Any significant Past History

LABS (if any)

CSF Findings

Normal range: <140 mg/dL.
Normal range: <140 mg/dL.
Normal range: 70-180 mmHg or 10-25 cmH2O.
Normal range: <40 units per liter (U/L).
Normal range: > 2/3rd of Pre-LP RBS.
Normal range: 15-45 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL).
Normal range: 0-5 cells/mm3.
Appearance of CSF
Appearance of the CSF sample, such as clear, cloudy, or bloody.
Indian Ink Staining for Cryptococcus
MTB detection
MTB (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) detection in the CSF sample

Neuro Imaging (if any)

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